Bad Girl Explains

The following are just a couple of pages of information, created to help explain some of the terminology you may come across, either within this blog or whilst browsing other sites pertaining to religion, atheism, debate and discussion. You can either click on the links below, or find links to these pages, nested directly under the ‘Bad Girl Explains’ tab on the main navigation bar.

(I’m giving myself way too much credit by calling this section ‘Bad Girl Explains’ really, because all I’m actually doing is redirecting you guys to other online resources where you can learn about this stuff, but BGE just sounded way more catchy – and it makes me sound smarter too so, yeah…)

Arguing For Arguments Sake – A brief explanation of the different arguments used for and against the existence of a god.

Logical Fallacies – A comprehensive list of 42 informal logical fallacies explained by Dr. Michael C. Labossiere, including examples.

Pascal’s Wager – This is a phrase you’ve probably heard mentioned quite a few times within religious debates. But what does it actually mean?

Handy Glossary Of Terms – A small selection of words to do with belief – or a lack thereof – which may come in handy when you’re trying to explain atheism/theism/skepticism/Frisbeetarianism to others. FYI, the site this page links to is by no means an intellectually challenging one, but it does simplify some ideas/concepts that may come in handy, when you’re wanting explain stuff to friends and family members!


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