Moralfagging Over The Recent ‘YouTube Kiddiefiddler Exposé’ Trend

[NB. This opinion piece is in no way intended to rag on or besmirch the character of any You Tubers who have made these exposé videos. All of the examples I watched were by content creators I enjoy/follow/respect and in each case the underlying sentiments the expressed were shock, disgust and a genuine desire to want to do the right thing. This piece is just my personal opinion, based on what I’ve been told about how investigations are conducted.]

There has been a bit of a recent trend emerging in the (so-called) “Skeptic Community”, whereby some You Tubers have been drawing attention to and castigating, certain content creators whose particular penchant is good, old-fashioned paedophilia. Yes you read that correctly; You Tube now has its own kiddie-fiddler community. Barf.

And it really is as stomach-churning as it sounds: a bunch of bloody paedos all waxing lyrical about such topics as:

  • How kids are sexual beings
  • Why they believe kids should be able to consent to sex
  • Places in the world where pederasty is accepted/welcome (backward tribes basically)
  • The “benefits” of your kid being in a relationship with a MAP*

*Oh, didn’t I tell you? Yeah these malfunctioning creeps have gone and created another slick little acronym for themselves, because branding is everything dontcha know? MAP stands for Minor Attracted Person (I guess ‘The Arseholes Formerly Known As Paedos’ just wasn’t catchy enough) and the idea behind it was to ‘rebrand’ paedophilia as something less controversial and as more of a completely benign lifestyle choice. No I’m not making this up. (I’d tell you to google it, but you really don’t want to die unexpectedly with THAT listed in your t’interwebs browsing history!) Their schtick revolves around the notion that these freaks are fully law abiding individuals, also known as ‘Virtuous Paedophiles’ who “Look, but never touch”…at least while child molesting remains illegal, that is. But don’t worry: they’re working on having their wee pervy peccadillo accepted as a form of sexuality and added to the LGBT+ umbrella of persuasians now too. Because why not, right?

As much as these life-destroying child-abusers repulse me and chill me to the bone, the logical part of my brain (the part that doesn’t just think that they should all have their entire content deleted, before being beaten to a pulp and fed to sharks/ piranhas/bears/crocodiles/huge snakes while they’re still alive) thinks that it might be more beneficial to law enforcement/child protective services, if these scuzz-balls were able to keep their accounts active. Because every video they make and upload (and every comment they leave on other videos made by like-minded sickos) will contain details that can be captured/recorded and be part of an overall picture of gathered intel, from a vast interconnected network of paedophiles that the police will be perpetually tracking/monitoring.

It’s gross for it to be out there in existence, full stop. But as a small “community” who a/ don’t interact much with outsiders, b/ probably aren’t stupid enough to try to get ad revenue and c/ mostly keep to themselves, they won’t appear on many folks’ “recommended” viewing lists; and up until recently probably didn’t receive much in the way of unexpected traffic from normal people. The police will undoubtedly be aware of this “community” and have probably already been monitoring all its activity – despite their content technically falling under ‘Freedom Of Speech’ – but that doesn’t mean we should all start throwing mega-watt spotlights on them and assume our actions won’t impede investigations.

In the past, law enforcement authorities have often told the public not to get involved or try to act on information regarding suspected sex-offenders/child-abusers/people traffickers, but to contact the police directly or via verified anonymous tip-off phone-lines/web-sites like ‘Crimestoppers’, with any suspicions/concerns/information they might have. As far as I know, current protocol remains the same. Whilst this is partly to avoid defaming the character of the wrongfully accused and also to prevent violent altercations and fall-out from confrontation, it was also to stop well-meaning members of the public from disrupting or damaging current and ongoing investigations. Those people who think that they’re doing the right thing and protecting the public from future attacks by confronting and exposing abusers, don’t realise that their actions could jeopardise massive coordinated investigations that have potentially been going on for years, costing the taxpayers huge amounts of money.

I know I sound like some normie fucking buzzkill, but I honestly think that whenever anyone comes across content of this manner (or any content that might have legal/illegal implications) that they should report it to the police and let them deal with it. We have no idea whether the content we are concerned about has already been noticed by/reported to the police, or if it is currently being monitored – either on its own merits, or as part of a bigger overarching investigation that could be just one link in an international networked chain of interconnected sick bastards. By drawing a lot of attention to a single link in said potential chain, we risk worrying them AND other potentially linked individuals, into pulling down their channels, removing their content, deleting their accounts, cutting their online connections and disappearing back underground, off of everyone’s radar. And that helps no one.

As vile as this content is, you need to remember that these sickos have always existed and will continue to exist until scientific research and development comes up with a way of fixing this brain malfunction. I am NOT by any means suggesting that we learn to accept and/or happily coexist alongside these maladapted monsters. Far from it. What I am saying is that if we want our actions to have the greatest positive impact, then our reactions must be sensible, measured and proactive. This kind of content is revolting and disturbing and distressing. If you are likely to react adversely to this kind of content, don’t go out of your way to intentionally find it. If you do come across this kind of content and you believe it references illegal activity, report it. In the UK you can file a report online with CEOP Safety Centre or Crimestoppers (both of whom are also on Twitter) and the Internet Watch Foundation says: “If you want to report a child at risk or you’d like to report something other than an online image or video of child sexual abuse please contact your local police or child protection organisation for advice.” But, you know what to do. Forward it to the authorities, let them decide what needs to be done about it.

I know it’s dull advice, but just stop and think about the bigger picture; about the ramifications of your actions. Consider if what you’re doing is genuinely rooted in the best of intentions. Are you trying to gain attention/views/keks, or do you actually care about helping to keep kids safe? If it’s the latter then please consider avoiding any vainglorious heroics and just make sure that the relevant authorities are informed as to what they need to be aware of. The downside of us striving for unlimited free-speech, is that there are always going to be times when you have to hear some appalling things. It isn’t necessarily always obvious ‘when and if’ an individual has crossed over into the realms of incitement to commit a crime, hate speech or slander/libel/defamation of character, (although you can be real fucking sure that these sleazy fucks are gonna be a helluva lot more knowledgeable about the law as regards THEIR rights and exactly how far they can push their luck) so it’s important for you to not allow your own disgust or anger to end up getting YOU in trouble.

Just take comfort in the fact that the increased ease of access to self-promotion, the myriad options for online publishing, the continued push to demand our rights to absolute freedom of speech and the recent weird softening of attitudes toward paedophilia by regressive uber-leftist publications, ALL mean that these grotesque individuals are putting themselves out there more and more, feeling less reluctant to speak out about their paedophilic tendencies and may eventually end up being hoist by their own petard. So if you want to see these fuckers monitored and less likely to actually hurt any children, report them to the authorities who can actually help prevent that shit from happening and don’t scare them back into retreating underground.

Right. Lecture over.

As you were.


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