#TeespringAreTrash and why Kekistan needs you

One rule for those on the left; another rule for those in the right. Shadilay, my dudes!

Cursed E

MEN ARE TRASH a tshirt read – and presumably was sold and some of the profit passed onto the hateful little girl that made it. Interestingly she is not the girl in the photograph, though the fact that girl is wearing that shirt does kinda imply she agrees with the message at least some what. Obviously this hateful message being sold by Teespring was something I was interested in making fun of. So I did. I made a response tshirt.


Obviously inspired by the original, which you can see below:

I noticed last night that my shirt had disappeared from the store mysteriously. I made a tweet about it and went to bed. I woke up to Teespring responding to my tweet. Insisting my joke about hate speech was hate speech in and of itself. Which obviously it isn’t.


I mean at best, they can say because I’ve got “men…

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